• Sarah

Phase 3- Week 7: End of week review

Updated: May 5, 2019

Andy tutorial

Me and Rubi had a bit of an off week this week, we focused on optional modules and got a bit sidetracked. However to regain focus, we decided to attend the sign-up tutorials with Andy. With this we told him our ideas so far and how we were interested in the NFC technology used in Beasts of Balance. He suggested that we look at the MIT projects of David Rose and his concept 'Enchanted Objects'. He explained how our speedy pathways idea was similar to the idea of 'Sifteo cubes' with gameplay travelling from one system to another. He thinks that we need to be more ambitious with our project, thinking about how we could do interesting new things with technology.

He also got us to question our ideas, what about grandparents or family not geographically located the same as you? how can you play with them? It doesn't have to be in real time, people can tune in and tune out. We could also create a speculative design that looks at our ideas.

Enchanted Objects- (Folder)

Following on from this tutorial me and Rubi took a closer look at 'Enchanted Objects (see Folder). "Enchanted objects start as an ordinary thing, its then augmented and enhanced through the use of emerging technologies- sensors, actuators, wireless connection and embedded processing- so it becomes extra ordinary. This can be seen with the enchanted object the LumiTouch which sends a 'virtual kiss' to a loved one's partnering device when touched. IT uses sensors and wireless communication to light up the other device. We think it could be interesting to toy with this idea of sending something from far away.

Idea 5- This Crazy home

By looking at the LumiTouch and enchanted objects we have thought about how we could connect families at distances. We created this idea of non-local, multi-generational mini games that are compiled in a collectively built home by the users. From this an idea emerged about gifting object from the room in real life which join a player to the families 'home server' so they can join the home, play and connect with the family. This idea fosters the idea of gift giving, a family ethos. As well as this family members can gift mini-games for the house, expanding functionality of the home. This idea is fun and engaging but I'm not sure that it is reflective of the hyper-connectivity topic, it just utilises technology in a fun way and unique way. We want to foster family play and we think the best way to do this is with local games. Therefore idea 5 is a dead end.

Over all this week has not been very productive for ideation. We have only created one additional idea that still reverts back to the multi-generational family. I think we need to review our ideas on what we think our games should be and limit those to ensure we are create simple games that deliver there purpose. I think not making a plan last week has set us back and this coming week we should ensure that we create more ideas to choose from for presentation in a few weeks.