• Sarah

Phase 2- Week 4: Speculative design workshop

Updated: May 5, 2019

This week we had a presentation and workshop on speculative design from Jussi.

Speculative design forms from criticisms of the world or concepts (i.e. new realities of economic recession, climate change etc.) Speculative design is not meant to be understood or realistic its to challenge social norms and raise questions about general thoughts. It shows design as beyond aesthetics, its about problem solving. It can be seen in examples such as design fiction, "creating imaginative conversations about possible future worlds". This can be further illustrated in ideas such as retro-futures.

During the workshop we were tasked with creating a theme/prototype/game idea that uses speculative fiction as a methodology and builds on a selected object from the Cooper Hewitt visual design and art archive. Myself, Ella and Sid, selected the above image, '7 Owens Road' as it had interestingly not finished but clearly depicted a ladies silhouette. We picked it because we thought it looked quite ominous. We speculated an in game fiction where you died and had the choice to look back on your life's decisions and see how they would have turned out, however you wouldn't be able to see people in the scene. We named this Reality Check and created some alternative scenes using other archive material.

I really enjoyed the speculative design lecture and particularly the workshop. The image really influenced our trail of thought and emphasis of projection of lost opportunities through visual means. With my developing theme in constant interaction, I am intrigued as to how I could speculate a far future and how todays phone usage has implications on that future.