• Sarah

Phase 1- Week 3: End of week review

Updated: May 5, 2019

This week I explored the rest of my areas of research for the phase 1 presentation. I had to limit myself as I spend last week lost in one theme (crime as entertainment) and therefore stuck to my time restrictions. This resulted in a smaller body of research for the rest of the subjects, however I think they're a bit more refined and specific than crime as entertainment. I really enjoyed reading a range of books that I applied to my understanding of each theme, they were a quite a bit older than the online sources and gave a bit more context to the subjects.

After finishing the first topic at the beginning of the week I realised that I wasn't going to be able to sustain that amount of research (or printing) for the rest of the topics. I decided to limit my printing and instead write notes pages in my folder about articles rather than print outs with annotations. I think this quite well and saved me time organising. After I completed each topic I made a blog post containing all the research and defined links and conclusions between them. They we're almost like mini-essays and ensured that I'd fully analysed the topics and there ideas.

For the presentation I created a purely visual slideshow and notes to accompany me throughout. I took what I thought was the most engaging case studies and played with the ideas and contexts around them, in the hope someone will like my theme and be interesting in teaming up after phase 2 in a couple of weeks.

The presentation went ok, despite nerves. I was happy that I'd given some interesting ideas and examples in relation to each one. Unfortunately the etherpad crashed several times and I lost my feedback after the session. However the voting of the topics was mainly split between constant interaction and 'crime as entertainment'. Surprisingly for myself I chose the slightly higher voted 'constant interaction'. Going into the presentation I thought that I was leaning towards picking 'crime as entertainment' but the discussion after my presentation really swayed me.

We now move onto phase 2, the more focused of the research phases.