• Sarah

Phase 1- Week 2: End of week review

Updated: May 5, 2019

Visual resources

This week I spent a while narrowing down my topics of interest. This led me to choose; Crime/crime shows, Tradition, SED (Selective Eating Disorder) & Constant interaction.

I narrowed down to these topics by creating lotus diagrams of 8 of my good start topics, to identify further themes within them. I think this was helpful as I believe it will aid me finding resources for next weeks presentation.

I have spent the end of this week exploring these in depth. I have been exploring crime understanding its context within media and its spectacle. So far I have two case studies (The case of Jill Dando and the pardon of Alan Turing) both of these demonstrate public spectacle of crime in different ways. I think that these will be interesting to show in the presentation next week. I also have a body of visual references. These range from infamous photographs of gangsters, mugshots, fingerprint, criminal drawings, newspaper headlines to high contrast illustrations and graffiti. These images have made me really excited to explore the topic further, they're everything I love about the crime genre. As we present our 4 themes next week, I've got a bit behind and lost in research. I should ensure that I have a plan of action for the next week so I've got 4 interesting research areas to present.

The Jill Dando case

During a discussion with the class I discussed an emerging theme of equality within crime. They suggested different sources for me to look at i.e. statistics, timelines, changes, why its important?, statements from professors and rights movements. I should ensure that my theme has a breadth of these research sources, however I think that the area is moving a bit further away from this now and more into the spectacle of crime.

Here's my plan of action for the next week: