• Sarah

Phase 4: Week 11- Creating an assets list

Updated: May 5, 2019

By looking over our design work we have identified these as assets/artefacts:

Ingredient Cards-

The players have 6 of their own ingredient cards which they cast spells with another player.

They will be named and contain illustrations of:

•Feather of a phoenix

•A scale of a mermaid’s tail

•A fairy’s thinking chair

•The home of a tortoise

•Tooth of tiger

•The wall of a bunny’s burrow

•Wing of an owl

•Tongue of toad

•Horn of a dragon

•Blood of lion

•Mirrors reflection

•A dandelion’s wish

•A finger of a gargoyle

•Eye of newt

•Fang of vampire

•Ear of leprechaun

•Rainbow gold

•Weed of forgotten

•Lucky clover

•Tears of a donkey

•Ink of an octopus

The Book of Secret Spells-

A printed publication containing the narrative of the game, along with the quests per chapter.

3D printed cauldron-

The 3D printed cauldron will house the NFC reader. Players will ‘mix’ their ingredient cards by placing them in here.

Success smoke-

The success rate of a spell is portrayed through a AR animated smoke.

There will be:

•Ultimate success smoke

•Success smoke

•Failure smoke

As of now we have 6 illustrated designs to be imposed over future card designs, with aims for total of 21 fully drawn up. We have a simple 3D printed cauldron which will be developed further looking at surface textures, size and general tactility. Additionally, for the AR animations each level of success has a differing smoke animation. The colours for these and the forms they take will be further explored and experimented with.