• Sarah

Phase 4- Evaluation and Semester 2 plan

Updated: May 5, 2019


Overall I have really enjoyed this module, I feel that I have applied myself a lot more this year and am happy with pushing myself out comfort zone in regards to coding (albeit the basics and just understanding the syntax). I think that will lead to good results in Semester 2 and that over the short break I should try to learn more about C# so that I am better equipped for the project. In research terms I think that over the semester I have progressed with my analysis of texts and this has helped me with understanding and developing our gameplay. In terms of designing, it has been mainly been about concept for me this semester. I have really enjoyed designing the gameplay elements and testing them out on people. As far as aesthetically designing I'm mixed. In terms of the gameplay elements I feel like I cannot seem to find the right style or aesthetic for the project. I think that next semester Rubi should take more control of these aesthetics experiments and designing. However I produced the GPP where I created a publication style that highlighted key bits of text. I think this is a growing interest in how I can communicate the ideas of the project to people. Next semester I should see if I can do this through the gameplay elements and develop them through play testing with the intended audience. In relation to typography, I think that next semester its important that I address the differences between typography in graphic design and games, by looking into typography in games more.

GPP Presentation

The main were 3 key questions/points in response to the GPP presentation last week:

  • If this is a story, narrative game, how are you going to ensure that there is replay-ability? This is answered in our GPP, 'Enchanted Kin" is intended to be a series of games of a sorcery family. "The Book of Secret Spells" is just one example of this. However we think that the gameplay of going through the narrative and the narrative itself will maintain interest in the game. This is up to Rubi to write a stellar narrative!

  • The style of the type and UI does not match the assets The card designs and UI in the GPP are concept work. We tried to create a dual address of styles so that it would appeal to both adult and child, which didn't work well together. Next semester we will work on refining a style that appeals to the child as this is our target audience.

  • Playtesting of the intended audience is needed to show interest in the game This is something that we have struggled with this semester. We have completed one playtest with a child in the target audience. This has to do with a lack of contacts with our target audience of 8-12 year olds. A way to conquer this is by applying the sprint methodology frequently (i.e. weekly!). This circular method will ensure continuous project development. This is something that is extremely important to our project and we are keen to find a strategy early in semester 2 to resolve this.


Something we didn't address in our GPP was goals. This could be confusing so we think its important to establish our main one here as it has adapted since phase 2.

  • A tool or narrative to help connect family members that encourages tactile interaction and with enhanced digital interaction.

As well as this I have a personal goal of moving into user experience design. To achieve this next semester I should focus on our target audience in relation to all areas of gameplay.


Myself and Rubi loosely spoke about our roles for the next semester. I think this will see me take the role of developer and user experience designer with Rubi being the lead artist and narrative designer.

Semester 2 plan

Looking over the project and in response to the GPP presentation I have drawn up a initial week-by-week plan for the first 6 weeks of the semester:

Week 1- Establishing project weaknesses and assigning them to sprints for the next 6 weeks (3 sprints) and setting explicit roles for myself and Rubi.

Week 2- Sprint

Week 3- Specifying ingredient card values and combination values

Week 4- Sprint

Week 5- Establishing and prototyping solutions for data between NFC and iOS application

Week 6- Sprint