• Sarah

Promotional material and website

Myself and Rubi worked together to come up with a promotional plan for the degree show.

We looked at past years and how they ended up with a lot of leftover stock which is still unclaimed in the studio.

This led to me asking the alumni about what they felt was the better items to sell.

The cheaper items such as postcards got bought a lot by friends and family in Winchester, whereas the more unique items of mouse mats sold very well too.

We decided that we will give away our stickers for free to act as an incentive and get people talking about/ playing our game.

We also decided to sell postcards and notebooks in the shop. We picked a lower price item and a higher one, for a bit of variety. Our game also developed to include the notebook so it serves a dual purpose as promotional and game object

I was in charge of making the website, I'm pretty happy that it stays on brand with Rubi's social media marketing, utilising the colour scheme through out. It gives a brief overview of the project, as well a small development blog, contact and links to social media.

the web address for this is: