• Sarah

Interaction 3

Updated: Jun 4, 2019


Since the last playtest I have found that in the development of a tutorial level, it is best to take it step-by-step ensuring that the players repeat each response. With this I also included practice spell-casting, as this will now require additional interaction (from development 3 - the 3d cauldron). The tutorial now includes an additional starting environment for the players. Here they look forwards, investigate the bedside table, pickup the rainbow gold and then look forwards again. This time a new object is available and Alexa asks them to investigate that. Then there is spell casting, For this introductory level, the spell to cast is a memory spell, which prompts Alexa to begin the scene setter for the first level. The player has to play the ingredients and it ensures that they are clear with the rules to continues.

Levels 2 and 3

From here is where I had to adapt Rubi's script to become more fantasy based. Rather than an arcade, Rusty the dragon is dragged through a forrest which in turn has become the second level. At the beginning of this level the proposed spell is established as an unlocking spell to a door in the forrest. The players play through the interaction model once again, until they complete the unlocking spell. The third level is a cave and the spell to complete is a light spell, once again players must play through the interaction model which leads to the final level, the confrontation.

After the creation of the interaction elements in level 2 (Seen in the final script below), I conducted another playtest to ensure that development was going according to plan (playtest 3) The major development from this was removing Alexa as a character name and using the narrator to describe the role from here forwards. This is because it added confusion about who the players were speaking to.

Level 4- final confrontation

This level differed from the others and follows just the spell-casting element of the interaction model. This is because potentially all of the ingredients have been picked up. The interaction at this point develops with heightened sensation with the players attempt to save Rusty. The players have 3 attempts to save Rusty, otherwise the are instructed to try again another day.

After the completeition of the level 4- the final confrontation and refining the spell casting figures, I concluded with a final development play test (playtest 4).

Final script

This script is the one that we took to get recorded by our voice actor. It followed a long day of play testing where we got a lot of useful feedback that we implemented (playtest 4).

Spell casting interaction and figures

The spell casting interaction changed due to development with the the cauldron and the NFC reading script. The players must now their place first ingredient card into the cauldron and stir, Alexa will then prompt them to do the same once it has recorded the data from the first. This see's the player having tell to Alexa to stir twice. However, I designed as a step-by-step interaction, much like the tutorial so that it does not get complicated.

In terms of the success statistics of the game, throughout play tests I have been trialling this steady difficulty increase. The tutorial has a free-pass with players always being successful. The first level has a 22% chance of failure, the second 44% and the third 66%. During the play tests the length of the gameplay averaged between 5-10 minutes per level, despite increasing difficulty. However the actual difficulty depends upon the hand of the player, as opposed to average statistics.

Unfortunately I did not get time to test out difficulties for the final confrontation as I had hoped for and therefore the final confrontation of the game will not be implemented for the FMP, perhaps it will by the degree show.

Re-recordings of the script

The final script was a re-record of a few lines that were either printed wrong or spoken wrong.