• Sarah

Phase 4- Gameplay: Success states

Updated: May 5, 2019

The results of the ’spell-casting’ express themselves in ’success’ and ’failure’ rates. These are portrayed through coloured, animated smoke, viewed in augmented reality. This informs the players of the result of the spell.

These success rates are based on the figure sum of the selected ‘mystic quality’. This sum is from the figures of ‘mystic quality’ on the ‘lead sorcerers’ ‘ingredient card’ and randomly generated number assigned by the application. There are 3 different outcome rates, ‘ultimate success’, ‘success’ and ‘failure’. An ‘ultimate success’ is the exact sum of both the ‘lead sorcerers’ card and the other player’s card. Whereas a ‘success’ is a range of +/- 1 of the sum. A ‘failure’ is anything +/- 2 of the sum. In the paper prototype, this required a lot of addition and maths, however, in the application, it would hold this data created from the NFC tags and simply display the AR smoke outcome to the players based on this.

‘Ultimate Success’ results in the acquisition of a number of ‘Magic points’ for the ’Lead sorcerer’ for that the round and the person who’s the card they combined within the ’ultimate success’ spell. Additionally, an ’ultimate success’ will progress the family to the next ‘chapter’ in ’The Book of Secret Spells’, and therefore into the next round. The addition of ’magic points’ as a reward system was added in later developments based on a play-test, in which a parent outlined a need for some sort of competitive element to keep certain children within the 8-12 bracket and some parents engaged. This holds no bearing over the gameplay or narrative and is simply a loosely competitive option, monitored if certain players need a competitive element. A ‘success’ also continues the narrative onto the next chapter. A ‘failure’ gives the next player in the round the opportunity to cast the spell with one of their own ingredient cards. Continued ‘failures’ continues the round with the family looking for the missing ingredient of the spell, with the round only finishing once a ’success’ or ’ultimate success’ is reached.

Development of the ultimate success in terms of players individual incentive in gameplay is needed next semester. We have considered introducing a points system, that has no impact on the main gameplay, just for bragging rights!