• Sarah

Phase 4- Gameplay: Set-up

Updated: May 5, 2019


The set-up of the game will be initiated through the iOS application. The app will serve as a digital save of the physical game. It utilises the narrative in ‘The Book of Secret Spells’ to acknowledge the current spell and therefore create its success outcome on screen through the values from the cards.

To set up, a new game is selected within the application menu, requiring players to input their names Alternatively, when resuming the game up after a ‘pause’ in gameplay, the player has to select a saved game and the application will inform each player of their previous deck. The physicality of this returning game play needs to be tested in future development.- When when starting a new game, a player will deal out the ingredient cards, with a pickup pile left over. Currently, there are 20 cards created, with the possibility of development of more unique cards or repeating cards with different values.

The app will then instruct the players to read the beginning of the narrative from ‘The book of secret spells’ out loud. The application will then assign a random player as the ‘Lead Sorcerer’ for the initial quest. Within the paper prototype, players picked their favourite card in their deck and then selected a ‘sorcerer card’ which determined the quality (i.e. stating highest or lowest of ‘this’ quality) any player would have to have to become the ‘lead sorcerer’. The favourite card of the ‘lead sorcerer’ would them be played as the initial ingredient. During play-testing, this set-up took a long time and could affect the interest levels of players if the game is not started quick enough. This, therefore, influenced the shorter set-up via the application, with the ‘lead sorcerer’ randomly chosen and then that particular player selecting their favourite card to be played. This digital random selection simplified the set-up process of the game and will help maintain interest and attention spans.

Concept UI

For the GPP I quickly whittled down the process of the application to help better understand the digital physical interaction. It uses similar backgrounds to that of the ingredient cards, with the smoke being inspiration. After looking at this blog post on the importance of good user experience for a children, I applied outer glows to text to try to add a visual cue of tactility (Children-first design: why UX for kids is a responsible matter). The application goes alongside the set-up of the game as well as at the end of each chapter, where the camera is triggered (from Arduino), revealing the success of the spell with the AR success smoke. Further wireframes need to be made for the application in order to show the full user journey, along with further development of the colour scheme application to the backgrounds and typography.

Heres the interaction Marvel demo: