• Sarah

Phase 4- Gameplay: Quest

Updated: May 5, 2019

The quest is set-out by the chapter-based narrative in ‘The Book of Secret Spells’. Each chapter acts as a round, in which, prompted by the narrative, the family will have to ‘cast a spell’ between the ‘lead sorcerer’ and one other player. Through play-testing, it was discovered that the selection of the ‘lead sorcerer’ after each chapter randomly via the app was un-needed. Instead, an automatic process will be implemented, having the ‘lead sorcerer’ be taken over per chapter by the other successful participant in the previous round. Within each chapter, the ‘lead sorcerer’ will play their favourite card, just like in the initial set-up. This card acts as the ‘known ingredient’ for the round. Playing this results in the application identifying the ‘mystic quality’ (i.e. Potency, Charm and Rarity) which is the value the other players should attempt to make the sum of with their cards quantitative values in the same qualities.

In the paper prototype, the ‘mystic quality’ values had to be adapted, as there were a few conditions in which the sum needed for success was too high to achieve by the two players. This also brought in to question whether there should be an opportunity for more players during the casting of the spell. However, as each round is turn-based, it evenly distributes the person collaborating with the ‘lead sorcerer’ on a spell. If we removed the dual spell casting, the equal opportunities of turn-based gameplay would be removed, not in keeping with ’Enchanted Kin’s’ goal to reduce conflicts in family play. Additionally, it would remove the ability of two-person families to participate in the game, which isn’t in keeping with the game’s facilitating approach to different types of family units. Therefore further testing is required for revision of the specific ingredient values, and range, to test for any loopholes within the success sums.