• Sarah

Audio- Part 2

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

We were contacted by a musician, Jamie Simpson, via Adam who was interested in working within games design. We gave him an overview of our project and he was quickly on board. This was quite surprising considering, the struggle we still have concisely defining our game.

I assessed the most current script (draft 2) for opportunities for music and sound effects, in order to complete Jamie's brief. This saw me speculating about future levels of the game as we hadn't got that far in development. This was a really good move as it helped push the development of the script along.

In terms of the sounds we suggested, we had the ambient sound for each level to underlay the speech. This was related to the location of each level. We decided to have a lot of instructive sounds for the game. I.e. card pickup sounds, card input sounds etc. As well as this there is the success and failure sounds. We wanted them to quite emotive and overtly understand its messaged. Finally there was also the request for a theme tune for the start of Enchanted Kin.

Jamie caught up with us before our agreed due date and we had a listen to theme song he created. We liked this but had to get him to make it end as he had made this loop-able.

These are the final sounds for the game:

We used a West-End actress as a voice actress for Enchanted Kin. She has voice experience and we recorded at her home. I had to do a re-record for a few phrases that didn't make sense in a further play test.

These are the final implemented sounds that I mixed down for the final build: